Miyoshi Plant Equipment

Technical development

Development of system technology that brings forth high quality.
Aiming at free conception and the leap to future new world, in order to realize high quality and high efficiency production, the company always challenges most advanced technologies.

for design


Die sinking

The production system of the own factory that supply high precision dies in short period by introducing the latest technology and freely using the own know-how accumulated for long years.

for die sinking

NC electro discharge machine 4
Machining center 4
Degitizer 1
Vertical milling machine 2
NC milling machine 1
NC lathe 1
High speed lathe 3
Wire cutting 3
Ion nitriding equipment 1
Lathe 4
Band sawing machine 1
Sand blast machine 1

Material Cutting

The cutting machine, in which the sizing device, the read end detector and the positioning system are controlled by the automatic billet microprocessor, is installed, and this is the automatic cutting line, in which personal saving is accomplished by the conveyor and the palletizing robot after cutting.

for material cutting

Fully automatic cutting machine 1000t 1
Fully automatic cutting machine 600t 1
Automatic high speed sawing machine 1
Palletizing robot 2


High efficiency equipment by making induction heating furnaces and precision forging presses, which are powerful for improving the productivity and heightening the quality, into the integrated lines and high speed, three-dimensional transfer.

for forging

No.1 Forging press 4500ton, 2400kw heating furnace 1
No.2 Forging press 4500ton, 2000kw heating furnace 1
Mo.3 Fully automatic forging press 4500t 2600kw heating furnace 1
Automatic forging press 2000t 1000kw heating furnace 1
Forging press 2500ton, 900kw heating furnace 1
Forging press 1600ton, 500kw heating furnace 2
Crank press 100ton 1
Crank press 80ton 3
Crank press 190ton 5
Oil pressure press 150ton 1

Quality control

As for the quality control in this company, strict control is carried out form the development through the manufacturing stage of drawings, steel materials and metallic dies to the products, and particularly quality assurance is perfected by adopting the in-line QA equipment, and the system in which personnel saving was accomplished is useful for inventory management.

for inspection

Non-Contact 3-dimensional measuring instrument 1
3-dimensional measuring instrument 2
Automatic measuring instrument for crankshaft 2
Automatic measuring instrument for front hub 1
Palletizing robots 1
Fine cutting machine 1
Automatic grinding machine 1
Rapid drier 1
Metallurgical microscope 1
Rockwell hardness tester 2
Brinell hardness tester 1
Shore hardness tester 1
Radiation thermometer 4
Contact type thermometer 1
Data processor 1
DC magnetic flaw detector 1
Shot blast 26GN 3
Shot blast 15GN 1
Automatic screw type shot blast 1

Receiving electric power

Capacity of received electric power

Voltage of received electricity 154000V
Capacity of transformers 15000KVA
Contracted electric power 6300kW