鍛造 三芳工場  生産性向上・高品質化に威力のある誘導加熱炉と精密鍛造プレスの一貫ライン化および高速三次元トランスファーによる効率の良い設備。High efficiency equipment by making induction heating furnaces and precision forging presses, which are powerful for improving the productivity and heightening the quality, info the integrated lines and high speed, three-dimensional transfer.Joy of making things, it is the motive power for tomorrow.The making of things with sensibility, the common matter is such mind.In our life, returning to child's mind by chance and looking round surroundings, there is trivial finding that is about to be forgotten in the scenery which people are used to see every day. We do not forget such small finding and sensation, and continue the challenge to the making of things, having dream and hope.The concerto called "Forging" that we depict, it contains all the challenge spirit.We consider the young spirit, individual character and sensibility of individual staffs as the properties which cannot be substituted with any other thing.The themes of dreams to which we want to challenge are unlimited, sensation never fades, we continue hereafter the making of things with rich sensibility.物を造る喜び、それが明日への原動力。感性あるものづくり、共通しているのはそんなマインドです。わたしたちの生活の中には、ふと童心にかえって周囲を見回すと毎日の見馴れた風景にも、忘れかけていたちょっとした発見があります。そんな小さな発見や感動を忘れず、夢と希望をもってものづくりへのチャレンジを続けます。私たちの描く“鍛造”という名の、協奏曲。それはチャレンジ精神の集大成です。社員一人ひとりの若いスピリット、個性、感性を私たちは何ものにも代えがたい財産と考えます。夢に向かって挑戦したいテーマは限りなく…。感動は色褪せることなく…。感性豊かなものづくりをこれからも続けます。Joy of making4,500トン 鍛造プレス 4,500ton forging pressForging Miyoshi Plant

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